Prologue | Chapter 1 – His name is Rosetta

Mandrake’s scribbling: First chapter! Hope readers find it good!


Mandrake’s scribbling: First chapter! Hope readers find it good! Chapter 1

Prologue | Chapter 18 – Six Warriors and A Monster

Q-ichi: Hey, Chapter 18! This mandrake had to overhaul the chapter many times. Life problem sure did not help. It hopes that you’re still here. Enjoy the chapter

Chapter 18

Manga series recommendation – The Violence Action

Monmon: Guh… I am not satisfied with this post. I initially tried to do a post recommending ‘The Violence Action’ manga and ‘Gunslinger Girl’ series together but I lack the mental skills to do it at a level above a pleb. It was too ambitious of me. I made my choice and scrapped the post and focused on ‘The Violence Action’ manga instead. Do check out ‘Gunslinger girl’. It has a similar setting to ‘The Violence Action’ but it holds up even after many years since it released.

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Anime and Manga Recommendation – ReLIFE

Monmon: Sorry for the late post! I somehow got caught in an unproductive loop where I prepare multiple posts at a time. Just like Q-ichi, right? 8D

Q-ichi: Grr…

Monmon: Well, if he ever finishes the prologue, he will have a ton of content to work with. Maybe the pace will pick up from there~

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Boku no Hero Academia – Midoriya May Have Dodged a Plot Bullet

Monmon: Hi there! This is a short BHA post. I spent an hour trying to make a collage picture. Resizing everything and arranging them properly is such a chore. Hope you like the result.

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Prologue | Chapter 17 – The Six Warriors | Reunion for the Final Mission

Image source: JoakimOlofsson

Mandrake’s scribblings: Well this is the second time and it’s much worse. TWO DAMN MONTHS. This mandrake apologize for his incompetence. It got into a business venture with another person. Person looks like a decent guy and built up a solid business. But then, this person decide to become a mobster and demand a ridiculous entrance fee. Turns out his business is actually a hostile monopoly. So this mandrake has been trying to cut him off. Greedy bastard. Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 17

Getting back into Boku no Hero Academia

Monmon: A bit of spoilers for those who only watch the anime.

Q-ichi: Moved spoiler section into the next page. Also added spoiler warning picture right before the spoilers. Spoilers are only in page 2. Page 3 is the end of the post. Don’t read  page 2 if you don’t want spoilers

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