A mandrake’s ramblings


This mandrake watched its first chapter today. No views!
Starting from zero is hard! This mandrake knows that it is reality but it feels reality should be a bit kinder!

The chapter should be well written in writing sense. This mandrake believes so. Or those 3~5 whole chapter re-edits are a lie.

The story is a bit shallow. This mandrake accepts that. But the mandrake believes the story will develop deeper! More chapters to come! No views or not!

This mandrake notices a new follower. The mandrake does a dinky dance♪ But there’s no views on first chapter post! This mandrake wonder why.

This mandrake checks its new follower. Follower is a behemoth. Eeek. It hopes it acknowledges this mandrake enough for it to share.

This mandrake will cease its ramblings.

New chapter ‘Chapter 2 – Good Morning Japan’ will be scheduled for release on Friday (May 19th)!


Author: Q-ichi

I'm a mandrake

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