Reposting R.A.M. on a second site

It seems this mandrake’s plan has backfired on itself.

This mandrake will be posting some of R.A.M.’s chapters on RoyalRoalL in hopes that R.A.M. will get more readers.

What a new experience! A new site that has expanded from a translation site.

However, this mandrake has stumbled on its first few steps. Its submission got rejected!

This mandrake was in a panic! Because this mandrake has posted the web series format instead of the first chapter! The submission form only had room for one chapter. This mandrake thought that posting the web series format after the first chapter is rude to the reader so it made a gamble. The reviewers must be angry!

The reviewer also mentioned about this mandrake having to acknowledge that it is this mandrake will be posting on RoyalRoadL on this site. So this mandrake have to make this post as proof. Hello reviewer! Please like my series.

However, this mandrake now suffers from a panic attack about plagiarism. Please don’t copy this mandrake’s precious story! Share the site and talk to this mandrake about sites that you want it to post on.


Author: Q-ichi

I'm a mandrake

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