This mandrake did something again…

This mandrake is not sure how to put this.

It posted its treasured story on another site.

Goodness… This time the site is Wattpad.

This mandrake’s first impression of the site. Not good.

The user interface is terrible. The mandrake find it hard to navigate.

The most worrying thing, this mandrake’s story title is too unique. The periods to emphasize the title’s ‘acronymness’ makes it hard to be found by Wattpad search engine. This mandrake tries to search its story, but it could not find it anywhere.

Here is the story on Wattpad. Chapters will lag behind like RoyalRoadL.

This mandrake hopes the site have good policy on removing works if mandrake wishes to pull story from the site…

Next chapter (7) will be on Saturday. The embers of conflict will spark anew!


Author: Q-ichi

I'm a mandrake

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