Mandrake update

This mandrake found a site! Web & Light Novel Updates

It lists the links of all of this mandrake’s R.A.M. chapters on RoyalRoadL!

Apparently this is a new site that lists links to light novel across the web. Most of its links are taken from NovelUpdates and other weblistings but this site features original works in English! NovelUpdates only feature updates for translations so this is an opportunity for this mandrake!

This mandrake had a chat with the site admin and had the links from this site featured as well!

So please check this mandrake’s R.A.M. listing page!

Chapter 8 is on final proofread phase! It will be out shortly!

Hmm? This mandrake’s life update? Well, When the opportunity presented itself, this mandrake went running. And hit a brick wall. Now this mandrake have to climb the wall with a spoon. Hard effort curve is hard.


Author: Q-ichi

I'm a mandrake

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