Chapter 11 update. orz

… Yeah… You know when this mandrake promised that the chapter would be done quicker? The current mandrake right now would like to punch that mandrake of the past. Such a foolish promise.

This mandrake has to apologize once more. The chapter wasn’t finished. It was on the right track but the traditions of life interfered. It happened like this.


Day 1
Momma mandrake: “Son!”

Mandrake: “Yes?”

Momma mandrake: ” You know that tradition we do around this time?”

Mandrake: “… Yes?”

Momma mandrake: “We’re doing it tomorrow. Today will be spent all on preparations.”

Mandrake: “Eeeeh~”

Day 2
Day of tradition. Disaster. Gloom weather. Long distance travel. Accidents on site. This mandrake was drained for the whole day.

Day 3
Momma mandrake: “Son!”

Mandrake: “Yes?”

Momma mandrake: ” You know that tradition we did yesterday?”

Mandrake: “… Yes?”

Momma mandrake: “There’s another one tomorrow. This time on the other side of the family. I ‘ll do 20% of the preparation. You do the other 80%.”

Mandrake: “Eeeeh~”

Day 4
Today. Not so bad. Travel distance is short. Mandrake is less drained than usual. Now have to type apology post.


Three days used up. Darn…

In other news, this mandrake made an account on twitter. Wew. Please follow and share.

This mandrake also like to ask you readers if this mandrake should post more stuff like anime/manga/light novel reviews and opinion post regarding them. Since it only post chapter updates, posts are scarce and a higher post frequency is need to draw in more readers. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Please post a comment on this post.

Chapter 11 is nearly complete. Chapter 12 has not been fragmented writing assisted and is a big one. New characters are introduced. Story turns in a new direction. This mandrake is scared.


Author: Q-ichi

I'm a mandrake

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