Boku no Hero Academia – Nerfing for the Balance of Plot

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Warning: This post will feature story plot points well after the story covered in the Boku no Hero Academia Season 2. Expect spoilers if you only watch the anime and not read to the latest chapters on the manga.

This is another post covering the end of the Yakuza arc of Boku no Hero Academia. Deku has finished dishing out the most brutal bludgeoning on Chisaki and the heroes now are now cleaning up. Nighteye is in critical condition. The other heroes made it off with recoverable injuries.

It looks serious, but all of them are fine.

Despite much effort, Nighteye is on his deathbed. All Might is called over and they reconciled. Nighteye commends Deku for changing the future and Mirio barges, in begging Night eye to live on. Nighteye uses his quirk one last time to peer in Mirio’s future and happily tell Mirio that he will be a spectacular hero. With words expressing his relief of not needing to change that future, he died with a smile on his face.

The readers mourn over his death. Some posted short eulogies in his honor. Some smartasses will comment the meme ‘Press F to pay respects’. However, there are those that lash out. At a girl with a quirk that can rewind humans. Nighteye could have been saved. That opportunity is ignored. Let’s look into that.

Nighteye’s survival hinges on whether Eri is able to use her quirk. He has lost one of his arms and has a gaping hole through his body courtesy of Chisaki.


sir critical
This poor man is on death’s door.

With his health in dire straits, wouldn’t it be best for him to be a subject of Eri’s quirk? Aizawa said himself that Eri’s quirk only work on humans and the only way to train her is to have her work on humans.

05 (2)
That’s human experimentation right there but since it will be made safe under strict supervision, so clinical trials?

Aizawa would be personally over see her care so there is no better safeguard than that. So why not gamble for a chance of full recovery for Nighteye when he is dying anyway? That’s still a good deal no matter how spectacularly disastrous the result would be if Eri failed.

And why stop there? If Eri is successful and Nighteye survives, a benchmark is set and Eri can only improve from there. When confidence in her control over her quirk is established, why not gun for the big fish? Why not attempt to rewind All Might to his prime and heck, with his One for All inside him? Nighteye could even suggest that himself.

one for alls
Two One for Alls. An All Might at full power and a rising Deku. That is a broken manga right there.

There’s even a possibility where All Might passes the One for All to Mirio and Eri reverts All Might to his prime again. God damn. Even All Might at his prime is already childish overkill.

And that’s where the problem lies. If the plot develop this way, the manga becomes a power fantasy. That will spell the end for manga. Literally. Fans will turn into haters. They will turn into cynics. The manga will be looked down as a joke. Like…


So, to solve this problem, the mangaka, Horikoshi pulls the most subtle nerf. So subtle, as if Horikoshi is banking on readers to gloss over it. The plot progresses with Eri just conveniently being afflicted by a fever.

sneaky fever
I saw that. Sneaky bastard.

But let’s write that down as children’s health being a fickle and annoying thing. And just because of that fever, Eri is incapable of saving Nighteye. And with Nighteye gone, the thought of having Eri rewind All Might to his prime is buried into the realm of inprobability. So, because of that fever, the heroes are denied the possibility of getting an unbelievably overpowered ally and the manga’s plot is saved from being broken as…


Clearly, this is the mangaka’s intention. Before Deku could ever grasp the idea of having Eri use her quirk on Nighteye, Aisawa shuts him down with words that sealed Nighteye’s fate.

aizawa nerf
It’s like those words came directly from Horikoshi’s mouth towards the readers.

Now, one might ask, ‘Why kill off Nighteye?” If the main focus is to prevent Eri from rewinding All Might, then why kill him off? If one does a bit of thinking, Nighteye could play a big role in throwing the balance of the plot in favor of the heroes. If Nighteye had survived, he would have worked hard to prevent All Might’s death.

11 (2)
Now that he is proven that the future that he seen can be changed, he would have put all his time and effort in placing countermeasures to change the future he envisions. The future he saw in All Might.
Having Eri rewind All Might is one way. Or having a trusted group of people to work together in changing All Might’s future is another. A variety of ways can be used. Nighteye is a world class genius. He can figure something out.

Furthermore, Nighteye’s quirk would drastically change the pace of the story. After the Yakuza arc, Nighteye will no doubt recognize Deku as the One for All successor and put him under his wing. With Nighteye as his mentor, Deku will become strong and his fights will be a whole lot easier with Nighteye’s foresight and supervision. This seems great and all but with so many safeguards in place for Deku, the story will lose its tension. There will be no high stakes in every fight and the manga will become boring like…


But wait a minute! If the mangaka wanted to nerf Eri and Nighteye, then why did he kill off Nighteye and not kill- I mean erase Eri’s quirk? Well, for starters, Boku no Hero Academia is a shounen manga so harming kids is a no-no. Plus, if Eri’s quirk is destroyed, who would give Lemillion the glorious comeback in the near future? The future of Mirio Togata as seen by Nighteye is definitely not Mirio earning ranks in the police force! Lastly, what is a shounen manga without a glorious comeback of a senpai after a huge loss?

Look at that brilliant face. How can he not deserve a glorious comeback?

So, for the sake of the manga’s story, Horikoshi pushes Eri out of play and kills off Nighteye. A bitter pill to swallow, but one necessary to keep the story of Boku no Hero Academia as amazing as ever.

So there we go. Horikoshi nerfed the hero camp by putting a conveniently timed fever on Eri. That’s brilliant goddammit. This little fever unsettled me so much that I was mulling over the necessity of it the whole time. But ultimately, I have to say this:

Rest in peace, Sir Nighteye.

This post is not me calling out Horikoshi. Never was. This is more like me, tongue in cheek, saying “Hey, I saw you nerf that. I’m letting this slide because it’s good for the plot but if you pull another nerf using the same convenient fever… It will be just petty.”

Hey, readers. I’m willing to gander that Eri will not be able to control her quirk in time before All Might marches of the battle. A battle that will ultimately end his life. I’m all for All Might not getting killed and have him [Probable Spoiler] when Deku fully masters his quirk, but that damn death flag is bolted to the ground.

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