Webnovel recommendation – Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru


Monmon: Hey there, this is my first webnovel recommendation. It is a short but brilliant story called Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru or Even a Cicada Becomes a Dragon If Reborn. I highly recommend it!

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Written by Abusan from Syosetsu,Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru is a webnovel that is comprised of 9 chapters with a intermission and epilogue. It centers on a cicada who has died after living its adult lifespan of three weeks and is reincarnated into a world of magic as an all-powerful, all knowing dragon.

Cicada dragon.jpg
Yes, a cicada. As a dragon. Image source by kakotomirai

So, will there be a grand world adventure? The journey of a thousand countries? The power fantasy of an overpowered character? Hahaha~ What are you talking about, foolish human? I am talking about a cicada here!

Yes! This is a slice of life webnovel!

Join this cicada dragon on a fresh and heartwarming non-adventure! Look forward to the flight of the cicada dragon in search of food, home friends and love!

Yes, you heard right! This story has a heroine! Look forward to it, she is quite a looker!

The characters in the story are so charming. Each of them has their own story to tell and when they interacted with the cicada dragon, the scene is very endearing. How did they first meet the dragon? How they will act? How does their story unfold? What will happen going forward? All of these makes a story that reaches close to the heart.

Although, no good story is without the little spice of conflict and revelations. The cicada dragon will face many obstacles, tackling dilemma, enemies and a whole lot of sap! The story will make you laugh, cringe, and grit your teeth as you sit on the edge of your seat!

Try this webnovel out. Search it up and read it through. Clear up an hour or two from your weekend and read this webnovel all in one sitting. That’s the best way to truly enjoy this story. And trust me, by the end, you will be happy, sad, and humbled to have read such a wonderful story.

Now, let’s breathe in and sing the song of the cicada dragon!

Miin min min min Miin min min min!

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