Manga Recommendation – Go-Toubun no Hanayome

Monmon: Hey guys. Sorry for the late post. Q-ichi had as nasty flu and was bedridden for two weeks. He had the access to the site and I wouldn’t risk the CNY celebration to some flue virus. Anyway, enjoy this manga recommendation.

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Go Toubun no Hanayome is a romance, drama and slice of life manga drawn by Haruba Negi. Its main theme is drama and romance between high school students. It features a student tutor dynamic in which one party is the student with bad grades and the other is the tutor with exceptionally good ones.

Let me be honest. This manga is a hard sell if I don’t present it right. So, in order to present this manga in its true potential, I am going to summarize the first chapter of the manga. So spoilers of the first chapter after this for those who are wary of it. You can skip the next part until the spoiler end picture.  [Q-ichi: This mandrake took the liberty of breaking the post into pages. Page 2 will contain the chapter summary [spoilers]. Page 3 continues with Monmon’s opinions on the manga.]


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