Manga Recommendation – Go-Toubun no Hanayome

Now, here is my impression of the manga. The manga has a pretty interesting concept and it makes me think that someone made fun of the mangaka, saying that the characters look the same, and the mangaka responded, “I took note of your criticism and raised it five times.” The story is interesting and kept me reading, getting more invested in the characters.

At the first read through, I thought the manga has a pretty fast pace. In the first chapter, the MC was shoved right at me without setting the scene followed by rest of the characters. Character names and details are subtly blended in with the story.


Oh, that’s his name, okay.


Oh, that’s her name, okay.

The next time reading through, I sort of understand why the manga set its pace like that. It makes it more natural to the story, rather than having the MC narrate his introduction which is a typical shounen trope. In spite of this, during the first time I read it, I felt a bit disconnected.

The manga starts off with a pretty negative tone. The MC did screw up big time after all. The arguments are abrasive and pretty real. Opinions and views of the characters don’t change very easily. Even when the MC manages to be accepted by his students, the negative impression of him in some of them did not change. That is tolerance and compromise. The manga shows how characters that are in conflict with each other can compromise and tolerate one another for their goals or for the goals of others.

It’s not like the bold concept ‘You are my enemy, but I’ll team up with you to accomplish my goals.’ as typical shounen tropes go. It is much more subtle and thus, more relatable.

Also, after reading a little into the manga, there is one aspect I gripe about. There isn’t much studying or teaching at all. There are some instances where it counts but most of the manga centers around the interaction of the heroines towards the MC.

10 (2).jpg
No, it’s not that I need studying concepts brought about the manga, it’s just that there should be scenes during studying where the student or tutor have the time to shine or develop more of their character.

In spite of this, few chapters in, a little hint was thrown in AND IT CHANGED THE STAKES COMPLETELY. I was mildly interested when I was reading the manga but when the hint was dropped, this manga has my FULL attention. With that little hint, the manga made me invested and changed my impression of the manga completely.

I recommend this manga to those who are looking for a good high school romance manga. The manga is a bit mature for those looking for a lovey dovey manga but this manga is no less as endearing. The heroines are likable and the chance that one of them is One will be heavily challenged and cheered upon. So check this manga out and choose your best ship. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an anime adaptation a year or two down the line.

I wonder what voice actor has the talent to voice all the heroines.

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