Manga Recommendation – Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!

Monmon: Eyyy… I hope you liked my previous recommendation. Here is a similar one.

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I have recommended the manga Gotoubun no Hanayome, a mature high school study manga with romance. Now have another high school study manga with romance, now with more moe! ‘Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!’ or ‘We Will Never Learn!’

Drawn by Tsutsui Taishi, Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai! centers around a male student is tutoring female students and gets caught up in all sorts of funny and romanyic situations. Drawn in a cute art style, it is very similar to the style of Komi Naoshi’s Nisekoi.

Ah Nisekoi… I was on that hectic emotional rollercoaster for almost 3 years.

MR-365268-862165-5.jpgIntroducing Yuiga Nariyuki! He is the MC of the manga and the love interest of all the heroines. He is a hardworking guy, studying his way up to the higher ranks of the school in all the subjects. His goal is to obtain a full scholarship from the university and ultimately ease the burden of his poor family. On a side note, his father is dead, leaving his mother and three siblings.

What’s with this setting where the MC’s family is poor and one of the parents who is the bigger bread winner die off before the story? I see a similar one with Fuutarou’s family where his family is in debt and his mother has died leaving him a younger sister and a father.

He gets the scholarship on one condition. He must tutor some students until they are capable in getting into their university of choice.

1 (1).jpg
Introducing Ogata Rizu and Furuhashi Fumino! Rizu is the top student in her class in Math and Physics. However, her passion is in her worst subject, Japanese literature. Fumino is the top student in her class in japanese literature. Her passion is also in one of her own worst subjects, maths and physics.Both are completely helpless in obtaining their goals and are in desperate need of a tutor to raise their grades in their worst subjects.

But wait! If these two are geniuses at each other’s worst subjects, wouldn’t them tutoring each other solve the problem?! Well, the mangaka has something to fix that.

There! Problem solved!

But wait a sec… Introducing Takemoto Uraka! She is the best swimmer athlete in the school but she fails in her grades. Her goal is to obtain a sports scholarship at Otawa university but she needs to be adept in English in order to be accepted. She is also a friend of Nariyuki back in middle school and had some feelings for him. She is introduced a few chapters down the line. Her introduction is also a bit forced. In fact, my first opinion of her is “The manga editor stepped in and added her, huh?” And in later chapters, Uraka’s tanned skin color becomes few shades lighter. I suspect editor whitewashing. Anyway, while she introduced a little later, her character is handled with great care and I grew to like her as a character. Nice work Taishi.

And this is not all of the female characters! There are a few female side characters introduced later in the story. Each with their own personality. Each with their own circumstances and history. All of them pretty and charming! All the characters are brilliantly drawn and the environment is beautifully presented, making the manga a treat to read. The characters are very expressive, with big reactions and hold none of their feelings back. Except, for some reason, romantic feelings are kept under lock and key.

MC is always included prominently in the story, but the heroines are by no means left out. Each heroine is brilliantly presented, her perspective and feelings are given good attention. I read the manga knowing what each girl is thinking and how they react during a given situation.

The theme of the manga is lighthearted and funny. The characters are always shoved into difficult situations that often escalate and linger. Sometimes the characters becomes the problem themselves. The situations are masterfully crafted. All the characters are expressed naturally on a great stage set for to perform at their fullest potential. I was immersed in their world and felt that I played the role of a lucky spectator.

Story wise, the plot is hard to discern as it is lightly sprinkled across the chapters. Bits of each of the character’s life is drip fed while many chapters might feature no story progression at all. At times the story sometimes ride the backseat and the comic situations between the characters become the real meat of the chapter. But this is by no means a bad thing. While no story progression is taking place, the I am given a small inch of insight in the characters. Their goals, past experiences that drives them and their personality is introduced seamlessly with with the contrasting light hearted and funny situations they end up in. I always enjoy reading through the chapters and I felt happy when I know a little bit more about the character. The feeling is like I’ve been shared something new about a great friend. The feeling of bonding, accomplishment and gratitude.

Shut up. Don’t judge.
There actually more in-dept references in the manga. Check it out to find them!

Lastly, the manga prominently features studying elements. The MC is shown to actually do the tutoring with his actions centered on improving the girls’ grades. A significant number of scenes showing the characters studyung really brings it home that this is a study themed manga. Excerpts from different subjects are slided in every so often, giving me the confidence that the material is thoroughly researched and the manga is handled exceptionally. I felt like I was given a glimpse of the Japanese study and exam culture and actually learn some pointers about studying.

Pick up this series. It will be a great time. This is one of those solidly built mangas that can get you really immersed in the story and care for the characters. And if you do find yourself in need to improve your grades, you might find a few pointers hidden in the chapters.

But let’s be serious. Stop browsing the internet and study.

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