Web Novel Recommendation – Konyaki-haki sarete Me ga Samemashita

Monmon: Hey Hey~ Back with another webnovel recommendation.

PS: Pictures are illustrations not related to the webnovel.

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My next web novel recommendation is pretty short; even shorter than the cicada dragon web novel. In fact, it is just one chapter. It is titled ‘Konyaki-haki sarete Me ga Samemashita’, or ‘A Broken Engagement, A Wake-Up Call’, written by Sugawara Toshi (菅原とし)

The theme of this novel is heartwarming romance. There is also a touch of isekai element in it as well. This one is a bit different. It tends towards the shoujo side of isekai which is ‘reincarnated in an otome game’ setting. The setting, characters, and plot are all similar, except that the plot will change once the main character gets involved with the story.

So, in true otome fashion, the story starts with the prince, Chris, anulling his engagement with the main character, Shiris. The reason for his actions is the Fair Maiden, Anna, which he has fallen in love to. This stirs a whole torrent of feelings within Shiris. When she comes to her senses she faces her fiance. What will she do? Will she protest the anullment? Will she try to win his heart back? Will she swear revenge on the couple?


Nope. She accepted his anullment, wished them the best, and left without a word. So, with no reason left to stay in the capital, Shiris returns to the land where she came from. What comes after that is a very heartfelt journey by Shiris as she comes to terms with her new position as the prince’s ex-fiancee. I can’t elaborate more than that. It is only one chapter long after all.

The story focuses on Shiris and how she reacts to everything around her. The side characters in the story is pretty shallow. This is a one chapter story after all. However Shiris and another main character have pretty immersive backstory. Shiris most of all is fully fleshed out. Her goals and dreams. Her mistakes and regrets. Her little quirks and mannerisms. Midway through the chapter, I’ve come to know Shiris vin Rhodevaite.


This is truly an amazing story. I wished that the story is a little more fleshed out with a chapter or two. There are parts where it is a little rushed where there can be scenes where she is shown more of her land and its people. More scenes that gives the side characters a chance to flesh out their character. Scenes that shows the reaction of the main characters to their world. More along those lives. This story may be a little thin on content but boy does it drive home its good points. The main plot points are greatly focused. With great detail and expressive interactions between the characters, the author brings out a vibrant story that is a treat to read.

My only gripe about this story is the short epilogue after the story in which the author drops an unneeded info dump. The epilogue is pretty petty and badly contrasts against the joyful, heartwarming tone of the story. Nonetheless, it does not change my opinion. The author wrote a brilliant story. I am happy I read it and a bit bitter that I overlooked it for a while. The story is short and I glance over its title without knowing the contents it wields.

The one who recommended this story to me is Q-ichi. He was so captivated by the setting, entranced by the characters and in love with the story. Upon finishing this story, he shoved his recommendation at me, giving his glowing opinion. Because of his eagerness, I was a bit reluctant in reading the story but I’m glad its short length convinced me otherwise. This time its short length convinced me that I can spare a little time for it. Boy, did that regret really hit me after I finished reading. What else have I missed?!

So now I’m recommending this to you. I’m not going to a fanatic speech like Q-ichi. Check this short story out. You will have a good time.

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4 thoughts on “Web Novel Recommendation – Konyaki-haki sarete Me ga Samemashita”

  1. Your summary and analysis makes me want to give the story a read. I tend to lean towards those that have kingdom building in a fantasy world. I guess its because I write about that genre myself. If those pictures are included in the story, then I will certainly give it a read. Good Post.

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    1. Monmon: Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the illustration are not related to the story. They were added to fluff up the piece. What I am truly presenting is the story itself. I apologize for misleading you. I will remember to add a bit of warning if I choose to add third party illustrations to my posts from now on.


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