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Monmon: I pity Q-ichi. He really want to post new chapters on R.A.M. He had to face problems about his work for a week. Then a family guest arrived and he had to guide him around for another week. Then he had to make preparations for ancestral worship for another week. … LOL. Enjoy my manga recommendation.

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Hey, you like edgy stories? Angry at the world~ Wishing for its destruction~ Revel in the death and suffering of others~ All at the comfort of reading manga. Then try my manga recommendation:

ib – Instant Bullet by Akasaka Aka.

So let’s start with the first half of chapter 1. So bit of spoilers, but I’ll be vague so I don’t reveal much. In true edgy fashion, the story starts with the world destroyed.

How’s that for an opening?

The two people left are a boy and a girl. A hero and a villain. Both of them face each other in one final battle in a world long destroyed.

The next scene starts with the boy picking a fight with a few guys. His narration is full of spite towards society and the world around him. His name is Fukase Kuro. He is yankee.

The scum of society. Always fighting and harboring a toxic hatred towards the world.

On Christmas Eve, he is alone. Labeled by society as a detestable person, Kuro is pushed back to a lonely corner of society. Hated and alone, his only companions are two girls. However…

ib 1.png
The girls themselves are not really there.

Then, out of nowhere, a black beast appeared on the Christmas tree. Then the beast attacks, destroying its perch and sending the Christmas tree crashing down. A nearby girl is caught up in the crash as the tree landed right next to her.

Wow. That looks SIICK.

However, instead of running away, the girl looks at the beast with a bright sense of purpose in her eyes. The beast takes off running and the girl gleefully chases after it. Something drops out of the girl’s pocket and Kuro got a glimpse of it. Turns out that she dropped her grenade.

Yup. Her. Goddamn. Hand. Grenade.

Kuro is stunned and the girl confronts him, asking if he saw the beast. After confirming that he did, the girl said that he is the same as her and invite him to join her in…

Saving the world.

Kuro, confused by the revelation accepts her outstretched hand. Then both of them go off to track down the beast.

So that is the gist of it. Edgy isn’t it? And I’m loving it. When I first read through this manga, I thought the story is pretty meh. The story is pretty typical of a manga. But I am wrong. Further into the manga, the story goes deeper. Like rabbit hole deeper. Twisting and turning.

The story is not what it actually seems.

In terms of art, the manga is okay in that department. As mention before, this manga is drawn by Akasaka Aka. She is more well known as the artist behind the Vocaloid IA. And boy, is her artwork beautiful.

On the left is Vocaloid IA. On the right is the colored cover for Instant Bullet. Stunning beauty.

So it’s kind of puzzling as the art in the manga looks okay when the mangaka is capable of making stunning artwork. The facial expression is a bit off and some of their poses are awkward. However, once in a while, there is a gem where the mangaka pulled all the stops and made a beautiful and expressive shot.

Now, the true stars of the manga are the characters. More characters with devastating world ending powers will be introduced into the story. Each one with their own motives and goals. Each one with their own screwed up backstory. The world around them is unaffected, as society moves on without paying mind to them.

If you are thinking: ‘Man, all of these are just teen angst and teens wanting to destroy the world’, you right. You right. But that’s their real charm. These characters are the lowest caste of Japanese society. People who drew the shortest stick in life, twisted and broken by the environment they live in. Their motives and actions mirror the desires and anguish that other people in similar situations in real life. Who knows, you might even find common ground with them. To read and understand their perspective is a small spectacle on its own.

It is said that the story’s true charm lies in the villain. Without the villain, there is no story.

However, Instant Bullet’s glory is short lived. Right around the midway point, the manga suddenly jumps to a near end arc. And then after that, the story goes to a final arc that ended the series in 25 chapters. What. A. Shame. The quality of the story suddenly drops from an amazing arc that makes the change look so jarring. The near end arc is rushed and the scenes are a bit contrived. I wasn’t as immersed as I was during the previous chapters. I was always questioning each page as I read on.

As for the final arc, the entire thing is so rushed, making the entire thing weird and awkward. The characters’ motives and actions are poorly conceived, breaking my immersion. The high stakes atmosphere that gripped me in the first few chapters has disappeared. Now it’s just… A bunch of people angry at the world.

As to why the manga ended as it did, it is because the mangaka ran out of material. After the finale, the mangaka posted an afterword saying that she has worked on it since high school and she intends to finish the story by continuing it or rebooting the whole series.


Nonetheless, I am still urging you to check this manga out. I apologize for being a downer for the second half of the manga but the first half more than makes up for it. It is an incredible story that was cut short because the mangaka deemed it not ready. When you read it, you will see the potential that could have. The mangaka is dead set on continuing this story when she garners a bit of reputation to draw it again more freely. So check Instant Bullet out. If you are still on the fence about it, give it a chance and read it up to Chapter 4. Chapter 4. I’m sure you will regret it.

If you like it, show your support and look forward to Akasaka Aka’s future rendition of Instant Bullet. Akasaka Aka, Instant Bullet is great. I hope to see it again soon. I’ll look forward to your next manga.

Q-ichi: “You know that Akasaka Aka started another manga, right? A high school romance manga full of psychological duels and mind games.”

Monmon: “WHAT?!!” -Googles-


Monmon: “Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai – Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen. HOLY SHIT!”

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