Getting back into Boku no Hero Academia

Monmon: A bit of spoilers for those who only watch the anime.

Q-ichi: Moved spoiler section into the next page. Also added spoiler warning picture right before the spoilers. Spoilers are only in page 2. Page 3 is the end of the post. Don’t read  page 2 if you don’t want spoilers

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Monmon: “Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 is finally here!”

Qichi: “Yea!”

Monmon: “At long last, the anime continues! Picking up where the last one left off. A good call for making one season once a year. It’s better than padding fillers so the manga can generate materials. The anime industry has come a long way!”

Q-ichi: “Yea!”

Monmon: “I look forward to all those epic fights scenes coming up.”

Q-ichi: “Hey.”

Q-ichi: “You remember Uraraka Ochako?”

Monmon: “Best girl.”

Q-ichi: “Member Uraraka’s character debut?”

member uraraka 1.jpg

Monmon: “Yea, she is cute and her quirk is so amazing.”

Q-ichi: “Member how Uraraka asked the teachers to share her points with Deku?”

member uraraka 2.jpg

Monmon: “She is such a good girl.”

Q-ichi: “Member Uraraka’s school uniform debut?”

member uraraka 3

Monmon: “Aww…”

Q-ichi: “Member how Uraraka uses her quirk in the fitness test?”

member uraraka 5.jpg

Monmon: “Her ball toss is pretty awesome.”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka changes the meaning of Deku for Midoriya?”

member uraraka 3-2.jpg

Monmon: Haha! What a great girl.”

Q-ichi: “Member Uraraka’s hero costume?”

member uraraka 10.jpg

Monmon: “It fits her perfectly. Horikoshi put a lot of thought into the design.”

Q-ichi: “Member Uraraka’s first teamup with Deku against Bakugou and Iida?”

member uraraka 6.jpg

Monmon: “She laughed at Iida who is trying to act the villain role. How youthful.”

Q-ichi: “Member when Urarakatry to show her determination for the UA Sport Festival?”

member uraraka 11.jpg

Monmon: “Aww.. She really has her goals set on straight.”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka reveal her purpose if becoming a hero?”

member uraraka 12.jpg

Monmon: “Yes! I applauded her spirit. That scene is why she is the best girl!”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka got matched up against Bakugou in the fighting tournament?”

member uraraka 15.jpg

Monmon: “I was worried for her safety and spirit.”

Q-ichi: “Member when she got into cheerleading in order to take her mind of her incoming match against Bakugou?”

member uraraka 14.jpg

Monmon: “She is so conflicted. I rooted for her”

Q-ichi: “Member when she kept fighting against Bakugou?”

member uraraka 16.jpg

Monmon: “Her determination is paramount! She’s fighting hard for her dream!”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka lost against Bakugou?”

member uraraka 17.jpg

Monmon: “I was heartbroken. I felt her grief as she cried.”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka made her hero name?”

member uraraka 18.jpg

Monmon: “Uravity. A play on ‘gravity’ and her name. Cool!”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka join Gunhead’s office for internship?”

member uraraka 19.jpg

Monmon: “She joined in order to get stronger! She learned a way to get stronger from her match against Bakugou! Go, girl! “

Q-ichi: “Member after Uraraka’s intership at Gunhead’s office?”

member uraraka 20.jpg

Monmon: “She has become stronger! Her passion burns through!”

Q-ichi: “Member during the midterm exams, when Aoyama asked Uraraka if she love Deku?”

member uraraka 21.jpg

Monmon: “… Fuck. I dread that the editors will push that shounen troupe on her.”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka was so flustered when Class A went to the shopping mall.”

member uraraka 22.jpg

Monmon: “…”

Q-ichi: “Member when Uraraka is all giddy with thoughts, like a girl in love?”

member uraraka 23.jpg

Monmon: “Shut the fuck up.”

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Spoilers in next page [Page 2]. Continue on page 3 if you don’t want spoilers. Also read my webnovel R.A.M.

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