Boku no Hero Academia – Midoriya May Have Dodged a Plot Bullet

Monmon: Hi there! This is a short BHA post. I spent an hour trying to make a collage picture. Resizing everything and arranging them properly is such a chore. Hope you like the result.

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Let’s get right into Boku no Hero Academia! It begins with a training camp! All the hero students are training their quirks, pushing them to their limits!

pu c.jpg
Plus Ultra!

Oh? Looks like there might be some technical difficulty.

Good question, hero student girl!

How are the teachers going to develop 40 unique quirks when there are only six adults with them? Well… Introducing!

ヽ(ΦωΦヽ)  (*ΦωΦ*)  (ノ*ФωФ)ノ  (ΦзΦ)

The Wild Wild Pussycats!


Yea! Wait. What?


Alright, that’s cool. But hang on for a sec.


That’s amazing and all but I just heard something disturbing!


You are the black sheep of the group! But go back for a bit!


You! Ragdoll has a quirk called Search which can identify a person’s quirk as well as pinpoint their weakness. That’s an amazing quirk but isn’t that bad for Midoriya? If she looks at him, won’t she find out about One For All?


Oh. He is training with Tiger so she might have not used her quirk on him yet.


Oh? A scare contest. Alright.


Wait, WHO will be waiting at the midway point?!


Oh no! So when Midoriya gets to the midway point and Ragdoll happens to uses her Quirk on him, his secret quirk will be uncovered!


Wha- Villains? These cowardly pests! At least Stain have the guts to face active heroes! Now Midoriya has to deal with villains while risking the secret of One For All!


Uh- Oh… I hope she is okay.


OH. OooOoh… Okay.. Uhh… I… Hm…

dbcc end.jpg

Go fight those villains, Midoriya! Be our Hero!

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