Manga series recommendation – The Violence Action

Monmon: Guh… I am not satisfied with this post. I initially tried to do a post recommending ‘The Violence Action’ manga and ‘Gunslinger Girl’ series together but I lack the mental skills to do it at a level above a pleb. It was too ambitious of me. I made my choice and scrapped the post and focused on ‘The Violence Action’ manga instead. Do check out ‘Gunslinger girl’. It has a similar setting to ‘The Violence Action’ but it holds up even after many years since it released.

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Heeeey! Joo like John Wick? You know, John Wick movie? The hitman guy that goes pew pew and shoot a lot of men?

john wick.jpg
Yeah, that John Wick.

Well you know what makes that movie amazing? Because it’s John Wick! Greatest hitman of all time. Retired, but still deadly.

kill count.jpg
Don’t mess with him!

And you know what else is amazing about the movie? The universe John Wick is set in. An underground society that centers around hitmen. Clean up services for hitmen. Currency for hitmen. Hotel for hitmen. Even rules and regulations for hitmen. This juggernaut of a setting is subtly displayed throughout the movie so viewers will get familiar with the world of hitmen while focused on the story of John Wick.

So what if this world of hitmen is worked on further? What if it is adapted into the world of Japanese manga? Readers, this is my recommendation of the manga ‘The Violence Action’. With the combined efforts of author Sawada Shin and artist Asai Renji, The Violence Action is a manga series about a cute girl working as a hitwoman.

That reminds me of Gunslinger Girl. This series is a tad more serious and it is a good one to watch. I recommend this one too.

She is Kikuno Kei. She is known as Kay, a hitwoman disguised as a callgirl in a hitman hiring service disguised as a callgirl service. Her clients are usually people from the world of organized crime. Her jobs include assassination, security, and protective escort. And she is damn good at her job.

Hired hitmen in a world of organized crime. Very much like John Wick, no?

Her usual weapon, a handgun. Her attire, casual clothes. Using a variety of techniques, weapons and stunts to kill her target in her assignments. Her goals? To pass a business course exam. And what else after that? To try out many kinds of things while living a peaceful life.

Yup. Peaceful.

Now, is the story deep? I’d say its setting is pretty deep but the story is pretty shallow. It is divided into small arcs which mainly follow the same formula of Kei doing the assignment, the targets fight back and she kills the target against all odds. Now is it interesting? Heck yeah. None of these assignments are alike. Kei will meet a variety of clients, targets and enemies that have their own personality and circumstances. The way these characters interact with each other is what makes the story unique.

Even if they lived for a short while.

What more interesting about these characters is that some of them can be very abnormal and twisted. This is expected, as most of the characters dwell in the crime underworld. Kei herself is a bit twisted in her own right as she mercilessly kill people and still act cheerful and bubbly the entire time. Like she is so complacent to human life that killing them is literally a part time job for her.

I- … Okay.

There are characters that are straight up psychopaths that commit atrocities left and right. Some of their victims become avengers hell bent of killing their monster. This straight up reminds me of Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series detailing the economy of war and the training of child soldiers to be mercenaries. Just wild stuff, I might add.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
War. War never changes.

Now there one issue I seem to spot while reading this manga. Kei does come off as a Mary Sue character. She is highly skilled in her assignments and completes them in almost no effort. Any injuries inflicted on her are minimal or she can shrug off the pain. More prominently, she maintains her bubbly attitude consistently throughout the chapters. She does no learn anything new or develop new traits. I guess she got a new pet? All in all, she goes through no character development at all. Nonetheless, it is a very small problem as the way she plows through them without a problem is very entertaining.

Like John Wick! Honestly, the violence and action in the manga as well as the ‘shenanigans’ these ‘eccentric’ characters pull really numbs the critique part of the brain, so that problem doesn’t come out obvious at all.

So give this manga a read. It’s not smooth and suave like John Wick, but it’s an enjoyable read! The Violence Action manga. The name is pretty vague but it does have ‘Violence’ and ‘Action’. And the cover pretty much sums up the entire theme.


Pururun All Natural Girls Express Service. The girls are packing HEAT!

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