Boku no Hero Academia – Start Of An Arc Where Lines Are Crossed

Monmon: Looks like the Boku no Hero Academia anime series has started a new arc! An arc where I made two posts on. [1] [2] The increased traffic clearly show as such. Well, those have major spoilers at this point so avoid them if you have not read past the arc in the manga. Here is a spoiler free post for you to enjoy.

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Yes! The BHA anime series has broken ground on the “Hero Internship” Arc! The hot tension between Bakugou, Midoriya and All Might has been put on ice for now. Having done with his house arrest punishment, Midoriya charges into the new arc nose flaring.


With the start of the new semester, a new uneasy air has fallen upon the students as well as the rest of society. With the loss of the Pillar of Peace, All Might, unruly people have started to cause trouble, hoping to leave their mark.

These guys, high on their new found freedom, are even teaming up and making names.

The League of Villains, having lost their ‘King’, All For One, have gone into hiding and is taking advantage of the incoming crime wave to recruit more villains. With many villains sprouting up here and there, prime choices are ripe for the picking! Even Giran, the villain suit supplier, is joyfully overwhelmed by requests.

Business is boomin’.


On the side of peace an justice, everyone is stepping up their game too! Police are kicking into gear and improving their performance. Heroes are ramping up their effort in a society now more anxious and cynical than ever. Even the provisional license team raised their standards for the exams, resulting in the failure of Todoroki and Bakugou. And Yoarashi too.

They failed but they aren’t giving up!

In this arc, the hero class will be undertaking a new event where they enroll for a hero internship with real heroes! Hm? It’s done before? Au contraire, the first hero internship is just a first foray into the job of a hero where the student is placed in the backseat and learn some skills from the pro hero. This hero internship is more direct, where the student will work with the hero to save people and fight villains.

Hm? What about Episode 32? That shit’s filler. That doesn’t count. Also, Sirius is supposed to be the star of the episode but it got retconned to put a seal-man as the villain beating hero because “It will appeal to young boyz” I guess… Stupid creative freedom.

So! Second Hero Internship arc. This arc… Is LIT. With new villains entering the fray and everyone else upping their game, Boku no Hero Academia will go in a more bold direction. A darker direction. Stakes are raised high, so some distasteful events are bound to happen. Unshown lines that were laid down since the series started will be crossed. One of which are people actually dying by villains.

Yes! Actual RAW death on screen! The first of them are thugs by the flames of Dabi. It’s only going to get more visceral for here!

So let’s focus on the stars of the arc. Starting with the villains. The Reservoir Dogs! What are their quirks?! What power do they possess? How will they affect the-

… Looks like they run afoul of the bigger fish in the pond, these guys.


These. Are the villains of this arc. They will play a huge role in the next coming events and they are one to watch out for. The man in the mask seems to be the leader and he is already spouting off twisted philosophies reminiscent of Shigaraki’s.

Right from his first scene, it is already established that you don’t want to be near this guy.

Let’s leave the villains at that. So! On the hero’s side, new characters will be introduced as well! Many of them will interact will Midoriya as he takes on the challenge of the second hero internship. But there is one character in this arc that is my favourite. You may have seen him before.

I saw the first hint of him in Episode 61’s preview. Looking spiffy!

YEEAAH! Ya Boi! The Man! The Hero! Mirio Togata! This badass is a fighter! His quirk is weird but with his skill, he is super strong! And the scene where Principal Nezu alludes to All Might’s next successor. Damn! Doesn’t he look like All Might when he is young. Also, with BHA’s diverse character designs, the design he got is unique and pretty dope.

Yeah! There he is! Look at that gallant smile. Fans called him ‘Tintin’, ‘Cuphead’, even Disney.


With that superstar look, a cool quirk, and an amazing strength to boot, he is introduced as the one of the strongest students in the school dubbed The Big Three!

The Big Threeee~!

In the next episode, he will showcase his quirk as well as his strength. He will take on this arc as the one everyone will cheer on! Look forward to this arc! It’s gut wrenchingly good!

Ooh~ The hero’s journey that awaits you. Stay strong!

PS: Also, Dis.

Yup. Horikoshi went there.

Inspired no doubt by the My Little Pony series, Pony Tsunotori is just adorable. Her quirk is even ‘unicorn inspired’. But most of all, because she is inspired by an American IP, she is given a gaijin accent where she struggles to pronounce Japanese words. Like an American speaking Japanese for the first time. HMMMMNNNNNGH. Adorable.

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