Boku no Hero Academia – How Nejire Hadou and Mirio Togata’s first meeting could have happened

Monmon: Season 4 will be starting soon. Ya boi Mirio is going to lead this arc! Have another post about him.


Monmon: Season 4 will be starting soon. Ya boi Mirio is going to lead this arc! Have another post about him.

Hey. Member Nejire Hadou? Of course you do. One of UA’s Big Three. The third year high school girl with a child’s vigor and innocence.

Look at that energy and curiousity. It’s like a toddler asking the parents everything on their first holiday trip.

Now remember Mirio Togata? The MVP of BHA anime season 4. The total badass that wiped the entire hero class of 1-A.

Flexing topless. Because top dogs gotta flex.

Hmm? You member Tamaki Amajiki? Who dat?

Oh dat. Let’s not bother him then.

Anyway let’s talk about Nejire Hadou and Mirio Togata. Obviously being group together as the Big Three, they share some history together.

Alright calm down, sailors. I’m not talking about the NejireXMirio ship.

They are obviously good friends and pretty familiar with each other. This is evidenced by Mirio’s apology to Nejire after explaining his quirk when Nejire wanted to explain it herself.

This may seem insignificant. But in the Japanese culture of ‘reading the mood’, it shows that Mirio is considerate about Nejire’s excitable attitude.

So with them being friends and all, what do you think their first meeting will be like? Knowing Nejire, she must have asked a variety of questions. So one can wonder what kind of questions she will ask. And when they are close friends, what kind of more personal questions will she ask? Let’s wonder for a bit.

What was Mirio’s first experience of his quirk like?
Quirks manifest at a young age, so I can imagine Mirio’s quirk causing him a terrifying and possibly even a dangerous experience. Suddenly dropping into the floor and the loss of all senses except for a feeling of falling is especially terrifying for a young boy.

That feeling can be mistaken for death. Anyone will freak out.

In spite of this, there is one factor that may have prevented Mirio from experiencing that kind of harrowing drama. However, this issue is indirectly addressed in future chapters in the manga, so to prevent any form of spoilers, let’s leave it at that.

When Mirio activates his Permeation quirk, why didn’t he turn invisible?
Let’s think physics for a bit. With his quirk active, all forms of matter passes through him. That includes light as well. This is proven when Mirio himself said that his eyes can’t see when he activates his quirk.

Also her. If Tooru is an Invisible Girl, how can she see if light just pass through her eyes?

So if all light passes through him, why is he still visible for everyone to see? Light bounces off objects to be received by the retina for the objects to be seen. So any part of Mirio’s body will turn invisible when under the influence of his quirk right. Is this an oversight by the mangaka? Or is this the case where Mirio is conscious about being seen and actually activates his quirk in parts of his body right upon contact with another surface?

Dis. If he is doing that while in the heat of battle, then he is using an unnecessary amount of attention, focus and skill.

If Mirio deactivates his quirk and reemerge from the ground underwater, will he be shot out of the water or will he appear inside the water?
Little fact: Water is incompressible. The atomic arrangement of a liquid state is nearly as compact as a solid state. This isn’t a problem if air is involved because gases are easily compressible. Thus, Mirio reappearing into air from the ground will result in a tiny puff of wind.

Air is fine cause you only go ‘woosh’.

But in an underwater scenario, if Mirio deactivates his quirk, will he ‘pass’ through the water and fly out of the water feeling dry or will he ’emerge’ into the water like an inexperienced diver slamming his body against the water surface? Ouch.

..Okay, look. Aside from the first question, these questions are very unlikely to be asked by Nejire. These questions are from my selfish curiosity. That said I have other questions for Mirio, but these are based on content not covered in the anime, so I won’t ask them to avoid spoilers. However, there is one more question about Mirio I want answered.

Mirio’s cheeky debut in his encounter with Midoriya.

That. How did he do that?! It’s just his face! Gravity still acts on his body when his Permeation quirk is activated. So from what I see, he is supporting the weight of HIS WHOLE BODY with the INSIDE OF HIS FACE.

Wh- Does that hurt?! Is there an aspect of Mirio’s quirk that makes this act harmless? If he can support his weight with his face, then he must have done a lot of ‘face lifts’. AHAHAHAha…

I’m sorry. I sincerely apologize for that awful joke.

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