Chapter 10 – The Battle’s Climax

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Mandrake’s scribblings: …. Okay… This mandrake may have underestimated the task that is presented in front of it. Over a week over due! This mandrake sincerely apologizes! This mandrake has not anticipate so many things to take over its time and have grossly underestimated the calamity called the writer’s block!. Well, chapter 10 is finally out and it is a doosy. This mandrake had put the title as “The Battle’s Climax” and seem to have put itself into a corner. The scenes were not climaxy, so this mandrake had suffered the writer’s block for a while. But fear not! This mandrake has done a lot of fragmented writing and has written summarized content for over 10 random chapters! In fact, chapter 11 is halfway complete due to this fragmented writing! Fwoo fwoo! Maybe this chapter will be faster and get the series back on schedule? This mandrake certainly hopes so! Enjoy chapter 10!

Chapter 10

Chapter 7 – Clash of two armies

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THIS CHAPTER IS A BEAST! At over 4200 words, this is the longest chapter this mandrake has ever written!

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Chapter 7

Chapter 5 – Clock and Center

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Wooow!!! Look at that beauty. This is long exposure star trails. This picture will come in handy for helping you picture a bit of the chapter. This mandrake will start adding these pictures to the chapters and retrofitting the past chapters as well.

This mandrake sincerely apologize for the late release. It is experimenting on scheduled posting where this mandrake post the chapter at peak times to net in more readers.

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Chapter 5