Prologue | Chapter 13 – Her name is Jiang Shuu Ren

Mandrake’s scribblings: Hey~ Intermission chaoters are short, ain’t it? Well here is chapter 13. This mandrake had a lot of trouble writing this because it features a daily life of a person albeit a little extraordinary added to the mix. This mandrake has to be REALLY careful in this part because it doesn’t want to fall for one of the deepest pitfalls in writing. Also, it fears that the chapter will be too bland for some readers. Nonetheless, enjoy! Longest chapter yet. Nearly 4900 words orz

Chapter 13


Prologue | Chapter 12.5 – To stand among superpowers

Mandrake’s Scribblings: Hey! New intermediate chapter! Enjoy! What? how is this mandrake’s chapter progress. Up till now, only 1 chapter ahead. It hit a wall and accidentally started another series. Argh! Don’t worry. Still focusing on this one.

Chapter 12.5

Prologue | Chapter 12 – Breakthrough

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Mandrake’s scribblings: … Hey… Chapter 12. Turns out the chapter is not so bad. Goes to show how much fragmented writing has helped with the speed of the chapter. Guess the last chapter is just one tough nut to crack. Enjoy.

Chapter 12

Prologue | Chapter 11 – Salvage and Maintenance

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Mandrake’s scribblings: Argh! This is one of the toughest chapters to write. The main problem is that this mandrake finds it hard to present exposition and subtle plot development without making it boring. It is a fine line between boring exposition and subtly presenting the exposition so readers can learn while they read. Urgh! So hard. This chapter could be the longest chapter yet but this mandrake has to do some serious trimming and cut off nearly 2000 words. Next chapter. Gosh, new characters and plot breakthrough. Hope you look forward to it.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 update. orz

… Yeah… You know when this mandrake promised that the chapter would be done quicker? The current mandrake right now would like to punch that mandrake of the past. Such a foolish promise.

This mandrake has to apologize once more. The chapter wasn’t finished. It was on the right track but the traditions of life interfered. It happened like this.

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Prologue | Chapter 10.5 Through the eyes of the public

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Mandrake’s scribblings: … Okay… The chapter ain’t done. This mandrake kept doing these fragmented writings. It’s halfway done, it will give you that. But have this chapter interlude. It’s a short chapter that this mandrake tried to fit in Chapter 11 but it just stands out from the theme. Enjoy!

Chapter 10.5

Prologue | Chapter 10 – The Battle’s Climax

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Mandrake’s scribblings: …. Okay… This mandrake may have underestimated the task that is presented in front of it. Over a week over due! This mandrake sincerely apologizes! This mandrake has not anticipate so many things to take over its time and have grossly underestimated the calamity called the writer’s block!. Well, chapter 10 is finally out and it is a doosy. This mandrake had put the title as “The Battle’s Climax” and seem to have put itself into a corner. The scenes were not climaxy, so this mandrake had suffered the writer’s block for a while. But fear not! This mandrake has done a lot of fragmented writing and has written summarized content for over 10 random chapters! In fact, chapter 11 is halfway complete due to this fragmented writing! Fwoo fwoo! Maybe this chapter will be faster and get the series back on schedule? This mandrake certainly hopes so! Enjoy chapter 10!

Chapter 10