Prologue | Chapter 14.5 – Starstruck Podcast Featuring Neil Denierre Tyler

Mandrake’s scribblings: So. This mandrake got a new partner. It’s a monkey. This mandrake will let this monkey introduce itself when it wants. Just so you know, it will introduce new content other than chapters. Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 14.5


Prologue | Chapter 14 – The Ghost City

Mandrake’s scribblings: … Okay. This mandrake apologizes. It is a day late. The first part of this chapter is so awkward! This mandrake had the hardest time of figuring out an acceptable flow that it retreated and left it on the backburner for two weeks. Enjoy the chapter. Please comment and share. Some good reviews on RRL will be nice too.

Chapter 14

Prologue | Chapter 13.9 – The Neighborhood Guardian

Artist: くろのくろ

Mandrake scribblings: Hello, new intermediate chapter. If you’re wondering, why so many intermediate chapters? Well, these are chapters that could not fit into the story. So they get a standalone chapter. They give small trivia and exposition and sometimes lead into the new chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 13.9

Prologue | Chapter 13 – Her name is Jiang Shuu Ren

Mandrake’s scribblings: Hey~ Intermission chaoters are short, ain’t it? Well here is chapter 13. This mandrake had a lot of trouble writing this because it features a daily life of a person albeit a little extraordinary added to the mix. This mandrake has to be REALLY careful in this part because it doesn’t want to fall for one of the deepest pitfalls in writing. Also, it fears that the chapter will be too bland for some readers. Nonetheless, enjoy! Longest chapter yet. Nearly 4900 words orz

Chapter 13

Prologue | Chapter 12.5 – To stand among superpowers

Mandrake’s Scribblings: Hey! New intermediate chapter! Enjoy! What? how is this mandrake’s chapter progress. Up till now, only 1 chapter ahead. It hit a wall and accidentally started another series. Argh! Don’t worry. Still focusing on this one.

Chapter 12.5

Prologue | Chapter 12 – Breakthrough

Image source: yakonusuke

Mandrake’s scribblings: … Hey… Chapter 12. Turns out the chapter is not so bad. Goes to show how much fragmented writing has helped with the speed of the chapter. Guess the last chapter is just one tough nut to crack. Enjoy.

Chapter 12