RAM coverSummary

The strange magician Rosetta has grown tired of searching. Enemy who were once comrades are hunting him across the world to harvest his power. Rosetta and his alliance sets out to find the fated person to be sent over to the ‘other’ world like many fated humans have.

Before reading, consider knowing the Web novel series format (How it should be read) to enhance your reading experience.


Chapter 1 – His name is Rosetta

Chapter 2 – Good Morning Japan

Chapter 3 – Helen

Chapter 4 – Preparation for the storm

Chapter 5 – Clock and Center

Chapter 6 – Knowing the enemy’s hand

Chapter 7 – Clash of two armies

Chapter 8 – Turning the tides of battle

Chapter 9 – Battle of the Titans

Chapter 10 – The Battle’s Climax

Chapter 10.5 – Through the eyes of the public

Chapter 11 – Salvage and Maintenance

Chapter 12 – Breakthrough

Chapter 12.5 – To stand among superpowers

Chapter 13 – Her name is Jiang Shuu Ren

Chapter 13.9 – The Neighborhood Guardian

Chapter 14 – The Ghost City

Chapter 14.5 – Starstruck Podcast Featuring Neil Denierre Tyler

Chapter 14.9 – The Present and Future under an Aurora Sky

Chapter 15 – The Ghost City Visitors