Prologue | Chapter 18 – Six Warriors and A Monster

Q-ichi: Hey, Chapter 18! This mandrake had to overhaul the chapter many times. Life problem sure did not help. It hopes that you’re still here. Enjoy the chapter

Chapter 18


Prologue | Chapter 17.5 – Watchers On The Sidelines

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Mandrake’s scribblings: Hello~ Here’s the new chapter. A little peek at the reserve players in the arena. Next chapter is a battle arc, so it will take a while.

Chapter 17.5

Prologue | Chapter 17 – The Six Warriors | Reunion for the Final Mission

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Mandrake’s scribblings: Well this is the second time and it’s much worse. TWO DAMN MONTHS. This mandrake apologize for his incompetence. It got into a business venture with another person. Person looks like a decent guy and built up a solid business. But then, this person decide to become a mobster and demand a ridiculous entrance fee. Turns out his business is actually a hostile monopoly. So this mandrake has been trying to cut him off. Greedy bastard. Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 17

Manga recommendation – Instant Bullet


Monmon: I pity Q-ichi. He really want to post new chapters on R.A.M. He had to face problems about his work for a week. Then a family guest arrived and he had to guide him around for another week. Then he had to make preparations for ancestral worship for another week. … LOL. Enjoy my manga recommendation.

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Web Novel Recommendation – Konyaki-haki sarete Me ga Samemashita

Monmon: Hey Hey~ Back with another webnovel recommendation.

PS: Pictures are illustrations not related to the webnovel.

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Prologue | Chapter 16.1 – Superstitions

Mandrake’s scribblings: Hey… Sorry for this late LATE chapter. To sum it up, this mandrake got hit by influenza. It felt like a rock for the past two weeks and like a cheese grater has been passed through its nose and throat. Sorry again. orz Enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 16.1

Webnovel recommendation – Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru


Monmon: Hey there, this is my first webnovel recommendation. It is a short but brilliant story called Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru or Even a Cicada Becomes a Dragon If Reborn. I highly recommend it!

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