Prologue | Chapter 16 – Underworldly Welcoming

Monmon: If you’re wondering why this chapter is late, Q-ichi is having trouble finishing the chapter. Maybe he should stop doing fragmented writing in the main story considering he is still in the prologue.

Mandrake’s scribblings: Shaddap. Enjoy the chapter guys.

Chapter 16


Monmon’s anime recommendation – Flying Witch


Monmon: Ello! Sorry for the lack of activity. I got the New Year laziness and then had to deal with real life jobs. Anyway, this is my first anime recommendation. It is a pretty safe recommendation of Flying Witch. Hope you like it!

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Prologue | Chapter 15.6 – Tang Jia Hao

Mandrake’s scribblings: Sorry for the late post. The last part of the chapter had to be rewritten. And about a certain monkey man who has not post anything, he got lazy after the New Year parties. Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 15.6

Prologue | Chapter 15 – The Ghost City Visitors

Mandrake’s scribblings: … A friend of this mandrake outs up a post on the AML Blog about an opinion of a manga and he gets more likes that this mandrake could get with a chapter post. This mandrake is frustrated. Enjoy the chapter~

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First post and introduction

25299259_137358800286107_1692810037042329065_nHi there! I’m Monmon. I am a friend and website partner of Q-ichi.

Q-ichi made this website to publish his fantasy novel online. While he was doing so, I also took interest in posting stuff online. I decide to contribute by posting blog posts about animes, mangas, and light/web novels.

I requested Q-ichi for a partnership and he set up the AML Blog page for me. So I write up a blog post and I pass it to Q-ichi to post it.

I’ll be posting opinion pieces about animes, mangas, and light/web novels. I’ll be posting a lot of content so look forward to it!

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