Late Halloween Manga Recommendation – Marry Grave


Happy Halloween! Or it was supposed to be, but muh internet got screwed. So happy that it finally got restored. Anyway, Autumn’s End! Here’s manga recommendation that’s meant for the spooky festivities.

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Manga recommendation – Instant Bullet


Monmon: I pity Q-ichi. He really want to post new chapters on R.A.M. He had to face problems about his work for a week. Then a family guest arrived and he had to guide him around for another week. Then he had to make preparations for ancestral worship for another week. … LOL. Enjoy my manga recommendation.

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Manga Recommendation – Go-Toubun no Hanayome

Monmon: Hey guys. Sorry for the late post. Q-ichi had as nasty flu and was bedridden for two weeks. He had the access to the site and I wouldn’t risk the CNY celebration to some flue virus. Anyway, enjoy this manga recommendation.

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Boku no Hero Academia – Nerfing for the Balance of Plot

Monmon: Hello! Another BHA post! I know, it’s repetitive the second time but the Yakuza arc seem to have a lot of misgivings compared to the previous arcs. Hope you enjoy this one!

Mandrake’s scribblings: Guh… Monmon’s posts loaded with pictures… It’s eating up the media data storage quicker than this mandrake’s.

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Boku no Hero Academia – Lemillion’s Heroic Efficiency

Eyyy! This is Monmon. This is my first opinion piece on one of my top mangas Boku no Hero Academia. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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First post and introduction

25299259_137358800286107_1692810037042329065_nHi there! I’m Monmon. I am a friend and website partner of Q-ichi.

Q-ichi made this website to publish his fantasy novel online. While he was doing so, I also took interest in posting stuff online. I decide to contribute by posting blog posts about animes, mangas, and light/web novels.

I requested Q-ichi for a partnership and he set up the AML Blog page for me. So I write up a blog post and I pass it to Q-ichi to post it.

I’ll be posting opinion pieces about animes, mangas, and light/web novels. I’ll be posting a lot of content so look forward to it!

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